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Supply of critical electrical loads in the event of disturbances in the power grid

Emergency power supply, redundancy, power supply or simply UPS. Many applications can no longer be imagined without these devices. Fortunately, power outages are not part of everyday life in Europe, as the nationwide power grid is very well developed. But a 100% supply can never be guaranteed. However, this safety requires applications to which critical loads or devices are connected. These must always be supplied with power for various reasons to avoid data loss or to ensure operation. Such applications are typically found in hospitals, data centers, but also in offices or at home.

Interferences from which a UPS protects (depending upon structure of the UPS) are for example power failure, undervoltage (connection of large loads in the power supply system) or overvoltage (lightning strikes in larger distances).

The structure of UPS depends on the application. For UPS which support higher powers, lead-acid batteries are used in conjunction with electronic control and power converters. If emergency power supplies are used as power storage, either NiCd batteries or, less frequently, Li-Ion batteries are used. For smaller applications, gel accumulators or AGM (lead-fleece batteries) are usually used.

The main feature of a UPS is the bridging time of the fault. This can range from a few seconds to hours. In some cases additional batteries are connected, especially when longer bridging times are required.

A selection of different uninterruptible power supplies can be found from our suppliers

Perfect protection for critical applications

Fabrimex AG together with FSP Europe GmbH offers UPS devices for the Swiss market. FSP has been based in Germany since 1995 and has since established itself as a logistics centre, sales centre and contact for the European region.

Thanks to the close cooperation you will receive fast and reliable advice and the perfect solution for your application. Through Fabrimex AG, as a supplier in Switzerland, we enable you to procure the desired device free of stress and customs duties, as well as provide rapid assistance in finding further solutions.

The Range of our UPS


Nano Serie

FSP Nano


ModellNano 600Nano 800
Kapazität600VA / 360W

800VA / 480W



FP Serie

FSP FP Serie


Kapazität400VA / 240W

600VA / 360W

800VA / 480W1000VA / 600W

1500VA / 900W

2000VA / 1200W



EP Serie

FSP EP Serie


Kapazität650VA / 360W

850VA / 480W

1000VA / 600W1500VA / 900W

2000VA / 1200W



Champ Tower Serie

FSP Champ Tower Serie


ModellChamp TW 1K(L)Champ TW 2K(L)
Champ TW 3K(L)
Kapazität1000VA / 900W

2000VA / 1800W

3000VA / 2700W



Knight Tower Serie

FSP Knight Tower Serie


ModellKnight TW 1K(L)
Knight TW 1.5K(L)
Knight TW 2K(L)
Knight TW 3K(L)
Kapazität1000VA / 800W

1500VA / 1200W

2000VA / 1600W3000VA / 2400W



Knight Rack Serie

FSP Knight Rack Serie


ModellKnight RM 1K(L)
Knight RM 1.5K(L)
Knight RM 2K(L)
Knight RM 3K(L)
Kapazität1000VA / 800W

1500VA / 1200W

2000VA / 1600W3000VA / 2400W