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DC/DC Converter, Power Supplies, Inverter and more...

DC-to-DC Converter and Regulator
Stock in Switzerland
DC-to-DC Converter (SRL) 1A
24Vdc > 3.3Vdc - 5.1Vdc - 12Vdc - 15Vdc
Tradition and Experience
FABRIMEX, your partner

The Werap Groupe got ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certifcated 09/2016 Fabrimex AG remains VdS- approved 05/2016 Winding and assembling in an ESD...


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asp ag

Robust and overloadable DC to AC Inverter   Why ASP sine wave inverter / off grid inverter?   Approximately cut-off time for resistive...


DC Converter and Regulator

We are Manufacturer of DC/DC Converter, Regulator and PoL Converter Direct Current Converter are used for some reasons To convert the input voltage...


Desktop Supplies, Wall Mount Supplies

As Standard or Custom Solution Our traditional company develops and produces since 1977 itself. We know our customer’s needs exactly and know that...


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PV systems allow you to become more independent from rising electricity costs and to move away from conventional energy carriers. Therefore, count on the sustainable and decentralized energy supply of the future. Without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The intelligent solutions from SMA make energy consumption affordable, manageable and reliable.

Fabrimex is our direct distributor and service partner in switzerland.


SMA Sunny Boy Series 

SMA Sunny Boy

SMA Sunny Boy in our Shop

SMA Tripower Series 

SMA Tri Power

SMA Tripower in our Shop

SMA Sunny Island Series 

SMA Sunny Island

SMA Sunny Island in our Shop

SMA Storage Systeme

10 sma

Storage Solution in our Shop

SMA Monitoring

SMA Monitoring

SMA Accessiores in our Shop